Environmental Compliance Audit & Facility Investigation – Confidential Client, Beaverton, Oregon (April – June 2010)

Creekside conducted a full scale compliance audit at a Beaverton, Oregon manufacturing facility that has been in operation since 1974. Production, processes, hazardous waste and chemical management required adherence with DEQ and U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (USEPA) regulations. The audit included evaluation of air, wastewater, storm water, hazardous waste and chemical management issues. Based on audit findings, Creekside developed for this company a Personnel Training Plan, a RCRA Emergency Preparedness and Contingency Plan, a Toxic Use Reduction and Hazardous Waste Reduction Plan, and Hazardous Waste Determinations Report. We also conducted a comprehensive environmental investigation at the facility including assessment of soils and groundwater, prepared a report for DEQ and obtained an NFA determination from DEQ for the site in November 2004.

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