Residential Cleanup Project/Characterization and Remediation – Former Ken Foster Farms Site, Sherwood, OR (November 2005 – April 2009)

In November 2005, Creekside was hired to complete a Phase 2 ESA for 5 acres of residential land that was previously referenced as the Former Ken Foster Farm Site. It was reportedly impacted with chromium-contaminated waste deposits originating from the Former Frontier Leather Tannery facility located about ¼ mile to the north. During our Phase 2 investigation, we confirmed that the property was impacted with Frontier Leather wastes. Shortly thereafter, Creekside was hired to conduct a full scale environmental investigation and cleanup of 4 acres which had been selected for residential redevelopment. During the 3 years we were involved, the Creekside Team collected hundreds of onsite samples (shallow soil, groundwater, pond water, pond sediments, and waste piles) and arranged for analysis of total and hexavalent chromium which were the primary chemicals of interest. We completed an Interim Remedial Action Measure (IRAM) plan and also managed the removal and on-site placement (into an Engineered Soil Cell) of over 8,000 tons of chromium-impacted soil and debris. Creekside also completed human health and ecological risk assessments and submitted final reports to DEQ. Our services for this project included preparing work plans, permits, and reports for our client with oversight and approval from DEQ. By April 10, 2009, our client obtained “No Further Action (NFA) determinations for all four 1-acre lots from DEQ which allowed him to market the property for redevelopment or for sale.

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