Full Scale Brownfield Cleanup and Risk Assessment — Former Frontier Leather, Sherwood, Oregon (Sept. 2005 to May 2008)

Brownfields cleanup project from heavily contaminated former tannery to industrial park & storage facility; main chemicals of concern: Chromium, lead, arsenic, manganese, petroleum hydrocarbons, VOCs. Our services for this project included preparing work plans, permits, and reports for City of Sherwood and DEQ (storm water, hazardous waste, demolition, grading, and remediation); completed a test pit exploration program to assess the vertical and lateral extent of fire debris impacts & subsurface soil and groundwater impacts; completed sediment and surface water sampling within Rock Creek; implemented an analytical program that meets appropriate data quality objectives and allows for comprehensive identification of site contaminants of interest (COI), conceptual site model, locality of facility, beneficial use determinations and hot spot determinations; compiled data into a comprehensive database; updated the existing Level I Scoping ecological risk assessment (ERA), completed a Level II ERA, and completing human health risk screening; and obtaining a conditional NFA determination from DEQ.

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