Industrial Waste Treatment Projects

Investigation and Remediation of Lead-Impacted Soil

Confidential Metal Products Manufacturer, Madras, Oregon
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager.

Investigated soil and potential groundwater impacts at a lead-vinyl products manufacturer from releases of airborne dusts. Project included preparing several sampling and analysis plans, coordinating air monitoring and evaluating air containment systems, supervising site investigation and phase 1 cleanup activities, and corresponding with Oregon DEQ environmental cleanup division (ECD) personnel.

Environmental Investigation in Rickreall, Oregon

Confidential Agricultural Co-Op, Rickreall, Oregon
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager.

Assisted the client in emergency cleanup of fertilizer and pesticide fire debris, investigated waste disposal and treatment options, and worked closely with with DEQ in preparation and implementation of sampling, analysis, and closure plans and reports. Project involvement also included preparation of regulatory classification reports, design and installation of a wastewater treatment system, coordination of site cleanup and decontamination with Chemical Waste Management, Inc., and negotiation of site cleanup standards with DEQ. Also worked with Oregon DEQ and USEPA to exempt on-site wastes from RCRA Land Ban Disposal Restrictions. Other activities included:

  • Preparing a fire debris management plan
  • Sampling soil and debris contaminated with agricultural chemicals
  • Submitting samples with chain-of-custody documentation to a certified lab, interpreting the results, and characterizing the debris for disposal
  • Preparing regulatory classification reports
  • Identifying waste removal and disposal options
  • Designing a wastewater treatment system for pesticide-contaminated liquids using carbon filtration
  • Coordinating site cleanup and decontamination with Chemical Waste Management, Inc.
  • Preparing a fire debris removal report for the Oregon DEQ

Pacific Northwest Planning Services & Environmental Compliance

Several Major, Confidential Oil Companies and Consortiums, Oregon, Washington, and Alaska
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Environmental Compliance Manager/Project Manager. 

Completed several spill prevention control and countermeasure (SPCC) plans, oil spill and emergency response plans, and contingency plans.

Industrial Waste Regulations, California

City of Carpinteria, California
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Environmental Compliance Specialist.

Brent Jorgensen served as the author of the City of Carpinteria, California’s Industrial Waste Regulations Guidance Manual.

Waste Minimization Program, California

Confidential Printed Circuit Manufacturer Newbury Park, California
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager.

Program utilized: aqueous photo-developing solutions to replace chlorinated solvent developing solutions, and sodium borohydride as a reducing agent to separate dissolved metals in chelated electroplating solutions. The treatment systems and source modifications contributed to a 67 percent hazardous waste reduction within 18 months.

Waste Minimization Program Initiation and Implementation

Confidential Northwest Pesticide Manufacturing Firm in Portland, Oregon
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Environmental Compliance Manager. 

Project involved use of membrane filtration, carbon absorption, and baghouse dust segregation. Treated wastewater was used as make up for subsequent batches and excess waste solvent was utilized as a fuel source for off-site incineration. The system helped reduce 54 percent of the annual waste generated.

Hazardous Materials Containment Plan, Portland, OR

Confidential Business Park, Portland, Oregon
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager. 

Assessed the hazardous materials and waste activities and completed containment plans and designs for 10 businesses adjacent to the Columbia South Shore Slough.

Storm Water Treatment Studies and Monthly Monitoring

Kinder Morgan Bulk Terminals, Port of Portland, Oregon. 

Collected storm water samples, prepared and initiated a monthly monitoring program, evaluated laboratory test results, conducted treatability tests using neutralizing agents such as sodium bisulfate, attempted bioremediation treatment with tannic acid, and completed and submitted quarterly reports required by the Oregon Department of Environmental Quality (DEQ).

RCRA Spill Contingency Plan, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan, and Sampling and Analysis Plan

Short Mountain Landfill, Eugene, Oregon.

This project involved completing the following general tasks: (1) developed a RCRA spill contingency plan, an SPCC and facility response plan (FRP), and a Sampling and Analysis Plan as mandated by the Oregon DEQ and the Environmental Protection Agency (Ref.: 40 CFR Part 112 and the Oil Pollution Act [OPA 90]), (2) developed an environmental training program, and (3) provided training for wastewater treatment operators who were managing a leachate treatment system. Work included reviewing existing OPA 90 spill prevention policies and plans, revising the plans to reflect current practices, auditing the general facility compliance programs (e.g., air, hazardous waste, water quality, etc.), comparing these programs with State of Oregon and EPA requirements, documenting our findings, and preparing comprehensive plans for our client.

Preparation of a Wastewater Discharge Permit Application

Wastewater and Storm Water Monitoring, Great Western Chemical Company, Springfield, Oregon.

Completed the wastewater permit application for the City of Springfield, conducted quarterly monitoring for the Springfield Utility Board, monitored storm water in the truck wells, and prepared applicable reports as required by the local and State agencies. Monitoring and reporting was consistent with proper regulatory protocols and were accepted and approved by the agencies.

Wastewater Treatment System Design, Installation, Permitting, & Monitoring

MRP Environmental Services, Inc. – (July 2002).

Creekside designed a 100 gpm wastewater treatment system for Metro Rooter Plumbing (located in the industrial section of NW Portland) in June and July 2002. The system is used to treat grease trap wastewater and oily water with sediments, regulated metals, fuels, and organic solvents. In addition to the engineering design work, Creekside also wrote the operation and maintenance manual and completed and submitted the wastewater discharge permit application and Baseline Monitoring Report to the City of Portland, Bureau of Environmental Services. At this point, MRP is in full compliance with the City & EPA regulations for Centralized Treatment Systems (Permit No. 437-001).

Nickel & Chromium Waste Treatment System Design

Electroplating Operation, Confidential Client
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager.

The $4.5 million waste system had a capacity of 250 gallons per minute and provided treatment through a series of chemical and physical processes. The waste stream was composed of alkaline cleaners, nickel strip solutions, pickling acids, electropolishing solutions, chrome rinses, and nickel plating solutions.

Design of Wastewater Treatment Systems, Manufacturer

Confidential Electromechanical Parts Manufacturer
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Process Control Chemist/Environmental Engineer.

The facility had a silver cyanide electroplating operation and was discharging a 25 parts per million (ppm) cyanide rinse to the local POTW. Treatment included silver recovery and cyanide destruct system using sodium hypochlorite reduction. Metal effluent concentrations were reduced 96 percent.

Metals Reduction in Wastewater, St. Helens, OR

Confidential Former Lead Smelting Facility, St. Helens, Oregon
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager.

Designed and installed a treatment system to extract lead and cadmium from wastewater during facility decontamination. The system used chemical oxidation, precipitation, and ultrafiltration technologies to reduce concentrations below local municipal wastewater discharge standards.

Hazardous Materials Assistance, Eugene, OR

Confidential Highway Maintenance Facility, Eugene, Oregon
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager.

Provided the following services:

  • Designed a hazardous materials storage facility for stocking large quantities of solvent-based paint.
  • Identified options and supervised design of an equipment cleaning facility with a water purification and recycling system for cleaning of trucks, parts, and construction equipment.
  • Designed a cleaning facility for asphalt trucks, including a recycling system for solvent cleaners and wash water.

Regulatory Compliance Evaluation and Wastewater Treatment System Design

Texaco Oil & Refining, Barbers Point, Hawaii
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Project Manager. 

Designed a practical and cost-effective method for on-site treatment of gasoline-contaminated rainwater; a carbon filtration system was selected. Provided regulatory compliance guidance and permit assistance.