International Work Projects

International Environmental Compliance Audit

Box Manufacturing Facility (Confidential Client), Ho Chi Ming City, Viet Nam (March 2005).

Conducted a comprehensive environmental audit of hazardous materials and waste practices including air monitoring in a workspace environment and wastewater treatment system operations and discharge. Project involved directing work onsite to improve regulated materials storage conditions, evaluating laboratory data, recommending site wide compliance improvements, and preparing an Environmental Compliance Report consistent with Vietnam EPA rules and regulations. The subject facility was issued an environmental operations approval letter following Creekside’s work.

Environmental Assessment & Equipment Demonstration Project

ECO International; Amur River, Khabarovsk, Eastern Russia (June 2007).

The Portland-Khabarovsk Sister City Association (PKSCA) Clean Water Initiative was conducted by ECO International LLC in cooperation with and support from the Foundation for Russian American Economic Cooperation (FRAEC) and supported by grants from the U.S. State Department and the Ford Foundation. This project involved meeting with the various Russian groups involved with different aspects of Amur River monitoring, obtaining an understanding of the regional ecosystems, particularly regarding the Amur River and its tributaries, field sampling water and sediments along the Amur river, and demonstrating a variety of field monitoring equipment including portable GCMS, PID, and other field monitoring devices.