Phase I, II Environmental Site Assessments – Portland, Oregon

Dupont Chemical Company, Metro Regional Services, Oregon Insurance Agency, and Remax Realty – Portland, Oregon. 

Conducted multiple comprehensive Phase I & Phase II ESAs in From June to September 2002 for the four aforementioned clients. The assessments were conducted according to lending American Society for Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards and included site inspections, investigation of area geology and hydrogeology, review of site history and land use, review of adjacent property history and land use, review of regulatory agency lists and files, interviews with the property owner and authorized regulatory officials, onsite sampling of soil, groundwater, asbestos, PCB’s, and drummed wastes, and preparation of the ESA report. As part of this project, several leaking UST’s were discovered and removed by Creekside and its subcontractors.

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