RCRA Spill Contingency Plan, Spill Prevention Control & Countermeasure Plan, and Sampling and Analysis Plan

Short Mountain Landfill, Eugene, Oregon.

This project involved completing the following general tasks: (1) developed a RCRA spill contingency plan, an SPCC and facility response plan (FRP), and a Sampling and Analysis Plan as mandated by the Oregon DEQ and the Environmental Protection Agency (Ref.: 40 CFR Part 112 and the Oil Pollution Act [OPA 90]), (2) developed an environmental training program, and (3) provided training for wastewater treatment operators who were managing a leachate treatment system. Work included reviewing existing OPA 90 spill prevention policies and plans, revising the plans to reflect current practices, auditing the general facility compliance programs (e.g., air, hazardous waste, water quality, etc.), comparing these programs with State of Oregon and EPA requirements, documenting our findings, and preparing comprehensive plans for our client.

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