Environmental Risk Assessments Projects

CERCLA Superfund Site Characterization and Remediation of Lead-Contaminated Soil and Groundwater

Bergsoe Metal Corporation, St. Helens, Oregon
Owner/Principal Brent Jorgensen Served as Task Manager.

Assisted in the nvestigation soil and groundwater impacts resulting from multiple releases of lead-contaminated sulfuric acid solution at a lead smelting facility in St. Helens, Oregon. Project involved preparing sampling and analysis plans, health and safety plans, supervising site cleanup activities, evaluating laboratory test results with appropriate regulatory criteria, recommending disposal options, summarizing the project activities in several reports, and preparing a risk assessment and RIFS for the Oregon DEQ.

Environmental Investigation and Facility Closure

Carnation Dairy Site, Portland, Oregon (June – December 2004).

Conducted a comprehensive environmental investigation of onsite soils, groundwater and soil vapors. Project involved writing and implementing a Sampling and Analysis Plan, evaluating laboratory data, and preparing a Risk-Based Closure Report consistent with Oregon DEQ rules and regulations. DEQ issued a “No Further Action” letter for the site in December 2004.

Phase I, II Environmental Site Assessments & Comprehensive Risk Assessment

Great Western Chemical Company, Chicago, Illinois.

Conducted comprehensive Phase I and II ESA’s and a Risk Assessment to establish a baseline prior to a major real estate transaction commitment. Work involved researching historical operating and land use information for an active chemical distribution facility; preparing a sampling and analysis plan; supervising collection of several dozen shallow soil samples and groundwater samples; evaluating laboratory data; and preparing Phase I and II reports using standard ASTM protocols. Project required gaining knowledge of Illinois EPA’s Tiered Approach to Corrective Action (TACO) regulations and requirements.