Air Pollution Control Discharge Permit Audit & Calculations for Potential to Emit — Rivergate Scrap Metal Recycling Facility, Portland, Oregon (August – October 2011)

Creekside was retained by RSM to conduct a comprehensive air quality audit and to determine compliance with current DEQ air pollution control rules. We were able to negotiate with DEQ and avoid point source stack testing in lieu of producing a well researched comparison study with other documented and permitted facilities with similar shredding equipment that produced similar air emissions. We also agreed to complete several DEQ Air Quality forms and a Land Use Compatibility Statement. The purpose for this project was to provide technical information for DEQ to show that our client (RSM) was in compliance and that their potential to emit was well within DEQ guidelines by using air emissions data from similar facilities with similar pollution generating and control equipment. To satisfy DEQ, Creekside provided technical data from similar air sources and we were able to prove (to DEQ) that RSM’s baghouse and Z-box cyclone could be omitted from future air quality monitoring and reporting.

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