Tax Credits & Financial Assurance Projects

Pollution Control Tax Credit Applications, Portland

Canpotex, Kinder Morgan, McCall Oil, Novellus & Darigold, Portland, Oregon (October 2001-September 2002).

Completed 9 Pollution Control Tax Credit Applications for air and wastewater pollution control systems in a one year period. The eligible facility cost for these systems was 7.8 million dollars. Once approved, the applications will result in tax credits of about 3.9 million dollars over a ten year period.

Financial Assurance Plan Review, Landfill Operator

Confidential Landfill Operator, Washington County, Oregon.

Completed a comprehensive review and audit of the financial assurance plan for a local (Washington County) landfill operator. Work involved reviewing the landfill’s existing operations, their historical records, physical improvements, and rates, then comparing these items with DEQ policies for landfill operations.

Eight Tax Credit Applications for Pollution Control Equipment

Various Oregon Manufacturing Facilities. 

Creekside has completed (or is in the process of completing) a total of eight tax credit applications for pollution control equipment for firms such as BrucePac, Package Containers, Inc., Rejuvenation, Inc., Times Litho, Leupold & Stevens, and Fujimi America. These projects require interviewing plant engineers and accountants; photographing the site and the pollution control equipment; obtaining copies of invoices for equipment, construction, and , labor; collecting wastes or wastewaters before and after treatment; evaluating laboratory data; communicating with the treatment equipment vendors; obtaining or preparing engineering AutoCAD drawings; conducting appropriate regulatory research; (occasionally) requesting a waiver for an independent accountant’s review; and preparing and submitting a tax credit application package (usually about 50 to 100 pages).