Company Profile

Company Profile of Creekside Environmental Consulting, LLC
In Business Since June 1998

Portland Address:
40 SE 24th Avenue Portland, Oregon 97214
California Address:
649 Vista Pacifica Circle Pismo Beach, CA 93449
Oregon-Certified Emerging Small Business: ESB #2461
Taxpayer Identification Number: 93-1243586
Primary Contact: Brent Jorgensen, CHMM - Owner / Principal Consultant
Title: Owner/Principal
Telephone: (503) 692-8118

Business Summary

Creekside is a Northwest-based LLC environmental consulting firm founded in 1998 by a senior level environmental consultant who has over 20 years experience managing environmental projects to Northwest industrial, commercial, municipal, and residential clients. The firm’ owner manages marketing, sales, client relations, problem solving, agency negotiation, project management, team organization, budget and scheduling. His technical specialties include identification of hazardous and regulated materials, evaluating environmental damage on industrial or commercial sites, preparation of cost analysis of assessment and cleanup of contaminated properties, quality control and risk management. The firm has utilized loyal hand-picked, licensed subcontractors for field sampling services, site reconnaissance, data evaluation, AutoCAD drafting, report preparation and risk management. Company strengths include (1) real property assessments & site cleanup; (2) environmental compliance management (permitting, planning, reporting, audits); (3) hazardous materials assessment & abatement; (4) remedial investigations, feasibility studies, risk assessments, facility closure, obtaining  No Further Action (NFA) determinations; (5) project costing (6) agency negotiations / expert witness testimony, and (7) construction management for environmental demolition or re-development.  The firm has completed over 400 Phase I ESAs, 90 P2ESAs and 35 NFA determinations for properties located in Oregon, Washington, and other States.

The Nature of Our Business

Creekside provides environmental consulting and construction management services covering:

  • Field sampling
  • Phase I and Phase  II site assessments, including investigations and cleanup
  • Brownfield site remediation
  • Waste disposal management
  • Identification of hazardous material contamination in soil, groundwater, surface water, air and industrial debris
  • Regulatory compliance program development involving completion of environmental permits, plans, and reports;
  • Chemical troubleshooting for industrial processes
  • Pollution prevention technology development (including wastewater recovery design and installation)
  • Human health and ecological risk assessments
  • Compliance auditing for environmental, health, and safety issues

Creekside routinely manages hazardous material assessment and abatement projects using qualified handpicked, licensed subcontractors and we conduct Phase I Environmental Site Assessments (Phase I ESAs) in accordance with ASTM E1527-05 and 40 CFR Part 312 for a variety of sites. We are fully capable of providing Level I-Haz Mat evaluations for federally funded projects following the 1990 AASHTO Hazardous Waste Guide for Project Development guidance, environmental assessments (limited record searches) for low income housing projects, transaction screening, and preliminary ESAs.

We have successfully completed over 200 Phase I assessments and over 100 hazardous material assessments in the last 10 years for both public and private clients.

Next Steps

The first step in selecting a consultant is to determine that the relevant experience and qualifications are available. Second, the consultant’s ability to maintain a positive working relationship with the client, built on trust and effective communication, needs to be confirmed through reference referrals.

We hope this website provides you with a sense of Creekside’s expertise as one of the top consulting firms in Portland, Oregon, our project experience and employment historyliability insurance and professional registration documentation, and a list of company references. Please feel free to call us at (503) 692-8118 or email our Principal, Brent Jorgensen, at

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