Areas of Expertise

Creekside’s project management experience, auditing tools, and personalized customer service differentiates us from larger environmental consulting firms. Several strengths are described below and can be reviewed in context with the Past Projects Section.

Facility Investigations & Environmental Site Assessments

Creekside’s principal is a registered environmental assessor and has a strong knowledge of current State and Federal regulations, as well as procedures and policies related to conducting thorough Phase I and II facility assessments.

Environmental Risk Assessments

Creekside has successfully managed and completed a number of projects involving Human Health and Ecological Risk Assessments for Northwest clients.

Environmental Compliance Planning, Permitting & Auditing

Creekside staff has conducted dozens of comprehensive multimedia environmental audits, developed compliance programs, and prepared surveys for clients that are under regulatory scrutiny or are expecting a regulatory inspection.

Environmental Management & Facility Decontamination

Creekside has managed and successfully completed a number of facility decontamination projects for its Northwest clients including closure of a PCB facility in Chehalis, Washington, and decontamination of a lead manufacturer in Madras, Oregon.

Brownfield Site Cleanup & Remediation

Creekside has managed and successfully completed over 30 site cleanup projects that have led to “No Further Action” determinations for our clients in pursuit of Brownfield redevelopment.

Asbestos Abatement & Removal of Hazardous Materials and Underground Storage Tanks

Creekside’s principal is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager, and we frequently manage full-scale cleanup projects that require hazardous material mitigation.

Pollution Prevention Technologies & Process Control Chemistry

Creekside has experience in managing and implementing major pollution prevention projects that have resulted in cost savings of over $250,000 annually to individual clients.

Health, Safety, and Hazardous Communication Programs

Creekside’s principal has developed hazardous communication programs for compliance with SARA Title III regulations, prepared MSDS forms and submitted registration packages for pesticide products at Lilly-Miller, and conducted dozens of training sessions for employees that needed appropriate health and safety training.

Environmental Testing & Monitoring Services

Creekside has collected thousands of quantitative and qualitative samples from various media including groundwater, soil, air, stormwater, surface water, marine sediments, sumps, hazardous waste, industrial process water, and building surfaces.

Tax Credits & Financial Assurance Plans

Creekside has completed tax credit applications and financial assurance plans for a number of industrial clients that have installed pollution control systems.

International Work

Creekside has traveled overseas to complete projects in other countries which are striving to achieve the same level of success in environmental compliance that the U.S. has attained, conducting policy work and field research that leads to results, in situations where local environmental officials or facility managers may not have the tools to attain desired outcomes.